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Development of mobile version of website

The popularity and use of mobile devices is constantly increasing. According to statistics from Shopify in 2014 more than 50% of the traffic to commercial websites was from mobile devices. The tendencies are that these numbers will be increasing due to more people using mobile internet.


Creating a mobile version of a website is becoming essential for successful SEO optimization. The latest algorithm of the Google Mobile Friendly search engine is focused on evaluating a website in accordance to its availability for mobile browsing and use. 


The differences between a mobile and an ordinary website version as seen from a mobile device:


An ordinary website

  • The text is difficult to read
  •  The links are too small and difficult to access
  •  The menus are difficult to read and navigate
  • Slow loading or stops loading
  • The website doesn’t fit the display of the device
  • An inconvenient website means losing customers


Mobile website

  • Large and easily readable font
  • Easy navigation of the menu for quick access and use
  • Quick loading - for 2-3 seconds
  • The structure of the website is in accordance to the display size and type of the mobile device 


What our service for development of a mobile version of your website includes:

  • Development of a new website with a mobile version based on the WordPress platform
  • Responsive design - the website will look well on all kinds of devices including: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones
  • Creating the design and structure of the mobile version to look almost identical to your current website
  • You will pre-approve the design before we develop the website
  • Transferring all the content of your current website to the new one including all images and videos
  • Technical SEO optimization of the website



Price and service delivery time


  •  For normal websites with up to 20 pages in one language the price is 450 EUR.
  • For more complex websites and online stores, the price is as agreed upon
  •  The service delivery time for normal websites of up to 20 pages is 5 work days




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