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SEO training

Our SEO training aims at transferring knowledge and specific guidelines regarding SEO optimization to you will which allow you to learn how the maintain your own website and work on its optimization.




The SEO training is practical and our goal is to be of maximum help to all trainees no matter their level of competence on the matter.




When is it useful?


SEO training is suitable for companies and organizations which want to do their own website SEO optimization and which have employees who are charge of the marketing and the popularization of the website.




What does the SEO training include?





Where the training is held 


At any place suitable for you within the city of Sofia.


In case of interest, we can discuss the possibility of holding our SEO training sessions in other cities as well.




Price and payment method


The price for SEO training is 70 EUR per hour.


The payment must be made in advance.




Service delivery time and terms


As agreed upon.


Send us an inquiry for SEO training