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SEO project

The SEO project service includes preparing a written document which includes the SEO analysis of your website as well as a plan with specific steps for the internal and external optimization of the website.




In which cases is the SEO project service useful?

  • If are working on a tight budget and want to optimize your website by yourself at minimum costs
  • If you have an employee who can take the time to work on the SEO optimization of your website
  • If you care to learn the practical side of SEO optimization and to be able to perform SEO optimization of websites by yourself

What does the SEO project include?

  • SEO audit of the website
  • Analysis of the competition in regard to the specific keywords
  • Advice for the On-page SEO of the website with specific steps to take and regarding the possible mistakes to avoid
  • Advice in regard to the link building of your website including detailed advice for work and the mistakes to avoid
  • Preparing an Off-page SEO plan
  • Up to 10 free consultancies via telephone in regard to the SEO project


Price and payment method

The price for preparing a SEO project for a Bulgarian website is 420 EUR.


The price for preparing a SEO project for an English language website is 750 EUR.

The payment is 100% in advance.


Service delivery time


Preparing a SEO project takes up to 5 work days.




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