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SEO servicesSEO consultancy

SEO consultancyOur SEO consulting service allows you to receive practical advice and working guidelines for the maintenance and the optimization of your website.


SEO consulting will help you understand the underlying problems and the potential problems of your website.


During the SEO consulting you will receive clear and specific recommendations which will lead to an improvement of your webpage ranking and an increase of its traffic.


SEO consulting will help you save a lot of unnecessary costs by allowing you to perform your own optimization and website maintenance.


The knowledge which you will acquire during one SEO consulting session will help you stay clear of Google penalties.



When to ask for SEO consulting


  • If you want to optimize your website by yourself
  • For websites with penalties from Google
  • For website which have been unsuccessfully optimized by their owners or by other optimizers
  • Whenever you need help or advice in regard to SEO optimization



What are the first steps to take prior to a SEO consultation?


  • Send us your website address, as well as the keywords and any questions you have regarding SEO
  • We will clarify the type, time, place and the price of the consultancy services with you
  • We perform a SEO audit  of the website
  • We compile our findings and specific recommendations for the optimization of the website
  • We perform our SEO consulting session as per our preliminary appointment



What the consulting service usually includes

  • Answers to your questions in regard to the SEO optimization of the website
  • Analysis of the on-page optimization of the website
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Analysis of the external links
  • Guidelines for link building
  • Guidelines for SMM
  • Advice in regard to usability of the website in regard to its users
  • You will receive a full detailed file including all findings and specific recommendations for the optimization of the website

How it is performed

  • SEO consulting by phone
  • SEO consulting at a personal meeting in a place of your preference within Sofia
  • In our office - if it is suitable for you 


Price and payment method 

SEO phone consulting - 60 EUR per hour

SEO consulting by Skype - 
90 EUR per hour

The payment is 100% in advance

In case we are not able to answer your questions or if you are not satisfied with the SEO consultation we will refund you the full sum for the service.


Service delivery time and terms

As agreed upon.




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