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SEO site analysis

If you want to find out more about the SEO compliance and status of your website and to receive specific advice regarding the possible optimization improvements which can be made, our SEO website analysis services is the right one for you.


Why do you need SEO website analysis?


The optimization of a website is slow and continuous process which includes not only the work for reaching certain result but also the efforts for maintaining them. This is why the SEO analysis of your website should be done prior to the optimization as well as on a regular basis to allow for constant control and monitoring of the website, as well as those of the competition and to acknowledge all changes in the search engine algorithms.



Why you need the opinion of a professional SEO analysis expert for your website?


The optimization of a website includes not only work on its technical parameters but also on its functionality and usability by the visitors. Even though you may think that the content of your website is easy to find by users, but if this is not the case, this can lead to significant financial losses.  The SEO expert can perform an objective evaluation of the quality of your website in terms of search engines and visitors.


SEO site analysis


1.     Analysis of website usability

2.     Analysis of the semantic core of the website

3.     Analysis of the Google indexing of the website

4.     Analysis of the visitor statistics for your website

5.     Recommendations for optimization of the website


SEO Visia’s team consists of experts with more than 12 years of experience in the area of internet marketing and SEO website optimization.




We offer two types of SEO analysis - basic and complete website analysis.




Basic website SEO analysis


The basic website SEO analysis includes the following services:


  • General evaluation of the website - visibility, traffic and authority
  • Analysis is of the current website ranking in Google based on the keywords specified
  •  Analysis of the semantic core
  • Internal optimization - technical part
  • Internal optimization - content
  • Analysis of the external links
  • Recommendations for the most important steps for the optimization of the website




The price for the basic website SEO analysis for a Bulgarian website is 280 EUR.




If you are interested in this service, please send us an inquiry for SEO website analysis