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SEO CourseSemantic core

Semantic core – the basis of On-page website optimization


The first step when starting the SEO of a website is determining its semantic core. The activities that have to be carried out are neither simple nor can they be reduced to an automatic check. The work is manual and one can say that it is related to marketing research.



What is semantic core


When users search for something on the Internet, they want to find a solution to a problem. The task of the optimizer when determining the semantic core is to make it possible for people to find what they are searching for when they visit the webpage.


The semantic core is a list of words, characterizing the type of activity and the goods and services offered, and at the same time meeting the demands of the target audience.


How to create semantic core


In determining the semantic core of a website, it is not enough to make an automatic check with tools like Google Adwords keyword tool, the result of which will be a long list of words and phrases. Determining the semantic core is slow and laborious, because it requires manual work and analysis of the searches.


Stages in determining the semantic core


  • Determining the most frequent enquiries on you websites and on the websites of your competitors
  • Gathering all the enquiries, containing the keywords and their synonyms
  • Removing the non-target and meaningless keywords from the list
  • Grouping the keywords in categories
  • Creating new target pages in the structure of the website
  • Checking the rank of your website and the websites of your competitors as regards the keywords


What is dependent on the semantic core


  • The way you will build the website and the categories and pages you will include
  • The internal links you will build and the anchor text you will use 
  • The writing of informative texts that “sell” and that are created in view of the semantic core of the website 





The hard work in determining the semantic core in the right way is the basis for successful SEO. That is why we recommend that you spend enough time to make real marketing research and not a mechanical collection of words and phrases.


When creating the semantic core, you should keep in mind that the new tendencies in searching show that the longer phrases, and not the single words, get the greater share. The analysis of the niche and the choice of the most appropriate phrases will help you get ahead of your competitors in searching.


After you have determined the semantic core of your website, you should create more categories that correspond to the keywords you have chosen. The content should be able to “sell”, it should be informative and intelligible to the visitors by being accessible and easy to find through good internal linking, which will make it easier for users to get the information they need.


If you feel that you do not have enough time or qualifications to create the semantic core of your website on your own, it would be a good idea to turn to a company that specializes in SEO. We in SEO Visia can offer you help on the basis of our several years' experience in internal (on-page) SEO of websites. If you want to contact us in relation to the creation of semantic core and op-page optimization, send us request for SEO.