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Ongoing SEOOur ongoing SEO service is based on subscription and allows for the ongoing development of your website, continuous increase of your traffic from targeted users searching for your products and services. All texts, images and videos which we will add to your website will be prepared by professional SEO optimizers and will be created to bring useful information to all website visitors and to attract more traffic and improve the ranking of your website in all search engines so that you receive a positive return on investment.

Our work strategy includes the complete development of your website based not only on several preliminary keywords but by continuous adding of new suitable keywords.

The ongoing SEO includes the following general services:

  • SEO analysis of the website
  • Technical optimization of the website
  • Ongoing content optimization
  • Ongoing work with your social networking - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Work in YouTube
  • Link building
  • Free SEO consultancy


Results from ongoing optimization:

  • Continuous increase of the traffic to your website by targeted users searching for your products and services
  • Considerable improvement of the Google ranking of the website based on keywords of your choice
  • Continuous optimization and enhancement of the entire website content
  • Increasing your brand’s credibility and awareness
  • Continuous addition of new relevant keywords too improve your website’s Google ranking and bring it to the top spot


Service delivery time

The work is ongoing and not limited in time




For English language SEO: 350 EUR per month

For non-English language SEO: 450 EUR per month

The payments are done in advance on a monthly basis.



If you want to receive detailed information regarding our services please send us an Inquiry for SEO.