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Low-cost web site

When you have a small budget for your website and yet you need it to be presentable and with internal SEO optimization the best option is to order a low cost website.


This type of website is suitable when you need an additional website to be developed for a specific product or service along with your main one.


Low cost websites are easy to optimize and are also easy to administrate and to control the content which allows for quick editing and addition of text, images and video.


What are the benefits of the low cost and additional website?
  • A reasonable price and quick service delivery time of up to 3 days
  • Excellent opportunities for ongoing SEO optimization
  • A website focused on a product will attract new visitors and customers
  • It helps assist the optimization of your main website
  • Helps increase the security since the resources are distributed in different places rather than on once single website
  • We will create it based on our optimized and improved templates

What is included in the development of a low cost website?

  • Development and installment of a website based on a WordPress or our CMS platform
  • Creating a main header based on your images and requirements
  • Regulating the color range and the fonts in accordance to your requirements
  • Domain and hosting for a period of 1 year
  • Technical SEO optimization of the website


This service does not include preparing, uploading and forming the content of the website including: text images or vide, which we can do for you upon additional request.


Price and payment method

  • The price for the development of a one-language low cost website is 550 EUR.
  • For a low cost website in Bulgarian and English the price is 670 EUR.
  • For a low cost website with more language versions the price is as agreed upon.


The service must be paid in advance

* in case the website will be hosted by us, the price for the registration of the domain after the first year is 18 Leva per year and for the hosting; 20 leva per year (total for hosting and for the domain: 38 leva per year)



Service delivery time

The design work takes up to 2 days. After your approval we will create your website in up to 3 work days. 



Send us an inquiry for a low cost website