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You can find more information regarding our SEO services, as well as useful information about SEO, and SEO instruments.    


Here is a brief overview of our services:


One-time SEOOne-time SEO


This is a one-time full optimization of a website which will improve its quality and resolve any shortcomings in order to improve site rankings.
Price: 480 EUR 

Ongoing SEOOngoing SEO
This is a subscription based service for the optimization and development of the website which aims at increasing the traffic and for a larger variety of keyword phrases.
Price: 350 EUR per month
Analysis of the current condition of the website with recommendations for improvement and free consulting services.
Price: 280 EUR

Includes SEO analysis and a project for optimization including all specific steps necessary for you to be able to optimize and maintain your own website, as well as additional consultancy services from us.
Price: 420 EUR

To receive straightforward advice and clear answers you can call us or request a personal meeting. We will inform you what is going on with your website.
Price: 90 EUR per hour

Individual training sessions in line with your competence level with options for specific practical advice in order to help you improve your knowledge and teach you how to optimize your own website.
Price: 70 EUR per hour


Development of an easy to optimize website in short terms, with administrative functions which are easy to use for its management including adding content and editing it. Added connections to social media profiles and social media sharing buttons.


Price: 550 EUR


There is no more effective advertising than SEO

The number of every day visitors, who are looking for products and services by keyword from your area, will increase. Some of them will become your customers.

This way, your site will turn into a machine for sales and will carry a greater regular income. But that's not all – when you reach the first positions in Google, your company will become more authoritative, and your brands will be better known to consumers.

Visually it looks like this:

SEO in action
SEO increases your market share

Remember that good results only come with professional SEO. It is the most effective way of marketing for your business.

Only by professional SEO, you will increase your company's market share and obtain a greater influx of customers from the Internet; this can be seen visually in the scheme:
SEO market share
Start your SEO now to increase your revenues.
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